The fair maiden in rain….. P1

The rain was pattering loudly.... the thunder was rolling in the sky.... silver beams of lightning struck the window of the apartment which stood in a street away from the Chennai- Bangalore Highway NH4. He rushed into his apartment. He was totally drenched. He threw his jerkin away freeing himself from the wet weight. The [...]



She stood confused, She had always seen him from far... Talked a little to him... Two words from him... Would calm her storms.... His eloquence tamed her speech!! His something was everything to her... She wanted to tell him... The thin veil between ardent admiration and passionate love.... A single word from her side Could [...]

A Scene along the Teesta

Of Opuscle and Quills

IMG_20170510_122622.jpgShe stood waiting on the banks of Teesta. Her black mane of hair billowing in the wind. Though it was seven the sun hadn’t chosen to warm up the skies.She waited for him in the place where they always met. The grey sky was threatening to press over her. Rain drops splashed over her face mingling with her tears. She had escaped from her stepfather. Her mother should have never married again….Each passing day was hell. She was subjected to verbal and physical abuse by her drunk stepfather.
Only he had rescued her and stood by her. Her angel in disguise. It was on a lonely evening when they first met along the banks of Teesta… her wrist was bleeding soaking the Teesta with a thin ribbon of deep crimson red. He grabbed her knife away and nursed her wounds. Little did she know that he was the one who…

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