Roses do kill… P1

The wind was screaming down her ears. Her jet black hair whipped across her face. She struggled to hold them inside her hoodie. She had just brought the news paper and opened the first page. Her eyes opened wide...pupils dilated...the was grotesque. The body of a lean and handsome boy, about 17 lay in [...]


I consider myself pretty fortunate to have an opportunity to witness something small to the naive naked eye but, something really grand that we don't often think about. The internship in Delhi not only taught gave a rich academic experience but also gave me a different perspective about life as a whole. When I stepped [...]


Nikki woke up with a start....she couldn't remember where she was....The last sound she remembered was herself yelling Aryaaa.....She examined the surroundings around her, she was laid on a white mattress and a white cover sheet was pulled over her. "Arya" was the only word she could think. Her bestie for life. Nikki had deliberately [...]