Lost blood

Every blood cell in her body cried Pints of blood lost when he was born He grew up She lived for him Cared for him deeply Paid in blood and tears To make both their ends meet For he was a child born out of wedlock When she was raped by her employer Years passed [...]


Inside out


To the outer world.

The clouds grew apart as the sun bloomed out.
She woke up , took a shower.
Put on that fitting jeans
With a floral top of lace.
And it’s time to do her face.
Powdered her cheeks
Eyeliner stroked from left to right
Kajal swayed to and fro
Ain’t this all just for show?

Hair neatly plaited, lips gracefully painted.
She stood in front of the mirror
Looking at someone else’s reflection.
She was once an epitome of perfection and
Alas! now craving for attention.
Walked on effortlessly on her heels
Her heart held up on her sleeves
With no idea of how many eyes she steals!

In her own world.

The sun came but she wanted the moon to stay.
The day was bright yet she didn’t want to see the light.
It was time to get ready for the play,  life is a drama…

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The forever implanted

Days roll by Your blood renews Your cells multiply Flowers bloom Pollens fly Flowers cry A new seed Planted elsewhere Why then do the darkest and loveliest memories, Stay rooted in The heart of mine The heart pumps New blood with every beat All that gets replenished Is the darkest and the loveliest memories I [...]

Hey!! Me…

If anyone had probably asked me with whom I spent my time today with, well you wouldn’t believe me, even if I said it. The answer to that that question is….. “I spent the day, today, with me.” I sound overbearing right. Could be or maybe not. Believe me when I tell you spending your [...]

Aura of Art

A lot of people, including me believe that memories should be sometimes just crystallized in our minds rather than attempting to storing it in an external device. Despite this, I would love to recreate a memory, a feeling, an experience which a couple of my friends (The Artists) gave me. After performing micro-propagation experiments at [...]