A Scene along the Teesta

IMG_20170510_122622.jpgShe stood waiting on the banks of Teesta. Her black mane of hair billowing in the wind. Though it was seven the sun hadn’t chosen to warm up the skies.She waited for him in the place where they always met. The grey sky was threatening to press over her. Rain drops splashed over her face mingling with her tears. She had escaped from her stepfather. Her mother should have never married again….Each passing day was hell. She was subjected to verbal and physical abuse by her drunk stepfather.
Only he had rescued her and stood by her. Her angel in disguise. It was on a lonely evening when they first met along the banks of Teesta… her wrist was bleeding soaking the Teesta with a thin ribbon of deep crimson red. He grabbed her knife away and nursed her wounds. Little did she know that he was the one who would nurse her heart too. From that day on he met her there every evening… She could stare into his warm coffee brown eyes and forget the pain inflicted by the whipping of her stepfather. He promised her a better life. She had grabbed her high school certificates and the money she had saved from working part-time as a seamstress.
But now, he was no where to be seen. She was beginning to get scared… The fear creeped into her bones. The chunni (duppatta) of her red traditional salwar was about to slip down. Just as her chunni hit ground he appeared out of nowhere carrying a garland and he adjusted her chunni. He had arrived in his military uniform, after all he was an army officer posted in a military regiment at the Indo-Tibetan border. The rain seemed to have dampened his hair. His cropped black hair fell to his eyes partially hiding his coffee coloured eyes. He wiped out the water droplets from his dense eyelashes and gave her a warm smile. It was his dimpled smile which melted her.
One hand around her thin boned shoulders and one hand clutching the garlands, they walked to a tiny temple in the valley, wrapped by the lush green trees of the tropical evergreen vegetation.
They exchanged marriage vows and walked along the banks of Teesta hand in hand. They stopped at the place where she had once decided to end her life and he slid one arm around her waist and one stroking her long luxurious locks of hair and planted a warm kiss on her forehead. The river made lovely noises as it lapped about the rocks.
She observed the river flowing with all might despite the jagged rocks and treacherous valley bends. She knew that she was the river…The time to flow with all her might had arrived.

But then her stepfather had arrived with a big lot of bandits. She held his arm tightly and gave her father a steely stare which sent shivers down her father’s spine. Her brave and courageous husband stepped in front of her. She told him to step back. It was her fight…it had to be her. She had to put an end to the endless torment. Her stepfather neither allowed her to live nor to die in peace. She stepped in front of her father and looked into his eyes and spoke in a tone of sheer nerve. Her eyes bore the holy glow of courage and the strength of Teesta. “I forgive you papa for all those sins you committed, but now I am the Teesta , I flow all day and night, shall anyone decide to stop my course I shall overpower them and crush them with all my might without a second thought of their plight”.

She took her beloved’s hands, kissed them and they walked away towards a better future. The sun rose above the valleys spreading its warmth and glory all around signifying a new beginning.



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