Along the river…

Across the dark winding path,
Along the grey flowing river,
With the moon shining above him,
The stars twinkling in hues of red and silver,
He lost his heart,
Her face etched upon the ripples in the river,
Her smile echoing in the wind,
The fragrance of her kiss filling the air,
She had left him,
In the gates of heaven,
She beamed at him from above,
The violent lashing river laden with his tears,
She shouldn’t have gone,
It wasn’t her time,
He was a body without a soul,
How could he have one,
It went away with her,
The pretty ribbon she tied whipped widely in the breeze,
He looked up at the sky, eyes filled with profound love,
She would watch over him from above,
He knew that,
She had a heart of gold and girth of iron,
She always kept her wows,
A single drop of water hit his forehead,
He knew that she had heard him,
He looked at their beautiful baby girl,
She will be a warrior,
He glanced above, saw the vast expanse of dark black sky,
He saw a star twinkling brightest of all,
His love was burning bright,
In the dark night sky,
Just for him….


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