Roses do kill… P3

The mist was too much that day. Drishya loved her early morning jogs. Usually Sahitya accompanied her, but she couldn’t come today. She was tensed about the fact that the all the girls of twelfth grade were to be questioned regarding Randhir’s personal life. But again it was a well known fact that Randhir was more popular among the girls and  that police would have a tough time talking to the students as most of them were minors. Just as she completed 4 rounds of jogging in the park, she bent to tie her shoe lace of her Reebok shoes. Just as she was about to tilt her head up, she saw a pair of Puma running shoes in front of her. She gazed up and heaved a big sigh of relief. It was Diljit. Diljit belonged to their class and was Drishya’s twin brother. He never came to park to jog. He was a lazy head and it took an army to wake himself up. “Hey! Lazy lump, what made you come here? Any hot girl? I don’t see anyone”, teased Drishya. “Oh! Please I am not like you, I have work to do. I just came by to ask what were you doing so late in the night with my laptop?, he questioned her with a disgruntled expression on his face. “Did I do anything wrong”, asked Drishya, her face filled with lines of worry. Diljit gave a laugh. “Hey, girlie…I was just checking on you, just wanna make sure you would’nt do some midnight chatting with a dumb guy like Randhir and by the way the laptop is mine”. Drishya’s mouth twisted, “ What’s wrong with Randhir?”.

Diljit retorted back in anger, “ He is a world class womanizer and I would’nt want you talking to dumbasses like him”. Drishya squeezed his arm and replied back with a grin, “ You know me Diljee, I don’t talk with guys like him. You don’t have to be scared for me”.


The morning classes in Gilmore High started with a tense atmosphere as students believed that a killer could be lurking within their own class. Everyone was afraid of the every other person. The ghost of suspicion dreaded every student of twelfth grade. When Drishya entered the class, their Maths mam had already arrived and  the class was about to start. But then, their Class Counsellor came with anger lines on her forehead and told the boys to stay out for a while. Ms. Sharon Austin, their class counsellor, a woman in her late twenties came dressed in a crisp white salwar and paired it with richly decorated Rajasthani patiala and chunni. She was never this angry. She partially seated herself on the main table and began to talk. Her voice was in mere whispers when she said, “Girls, it has been found out that Randhir was engaged in late night chatting with a girl in an online chat room. The hackers were able to point out that the other person was a girl. Even the behavioural analysts were able to point out that the other person with whom Randhir was chatting was a female through thorough analysis of chat contents. Even though Randhir had revealed his real identity online, the girl insisted on using her online name ‘Venus9706’. So girls who is Venus9706. Its better you step out or tell me separately. The shocking part is that the account has been removed from the chatroom. The hackers say that that tracking the IP address is no big deal, but its better the culprit steps out.” After her angry talk the boys were brought back inside. Deeksha filled everything to Kevin and waited for his response. Kevin gave a quizzical expression, “ Ok Dee, so there are girls in our class or maybe the other section where they use online chatrooms even when so many social networking sites are available. So hideous right, God knows what extent she would go to keep her identity hidden”. Deeksha gave him a smack on the shoulder saying, “ God, I was scared to death listening to Sharon mam and all you do is make dumb jokes”. Kevin winced with pain and his face turned a pale shade of pink as he rubbed his shoulder, “ Oh! Come on Dee I was just fooling about, I understand the intensity of this issue and I just want you to be safe. Guys like Randhir are only trouble”.

“ Ooo.. my boy, I’m so sorry I hit you. You know me right. I know martial arts. No guy can come near me without my consent. But as you say I’ll stay on my watch… Always”, said Deeksha gently.


It was their library hour and as the entire class emptied out Diljit and Drishya were the last ones to go. Diljit gave a tight slap to Drishya which fell across her face. Her cheeks had the imprint on Diljit’s four fingers. She was about to burst out with anger, when Diljit replied with feral fury shining in his eyes, “My dearest sister goes online and chats with bad boys using nick names. God! Was this way you were brought up.” Drishya attempted to speak but Diljit cut her off , “ You deliberately damaged your laptop and used mine all tonight. I saw you pouring water inside your laptop keyboard. I wanted to tell this to mom. But I had to know why my able minded sister would do something like this. And yes I also know that you liked Goddess Venus and your scooty number ends with 9706. So don’t try to fool me”. His face was filled with rage and his brown eyes bore the wrath of hell.  With her head bowed down and tears running across her cheeks and  hitting the floor like a drop of dew landing on the young leaves of a rose plant in early spring, a single sentence escaped her mouth “ I loved him Diljee, I loved him”.

The earth shook beneath Diljit, he didn’t know whom to protect – His sister or The Truth. As he turned his head towards the locked door he heard a scramble of footsteps. It hit him with a bang as he realized that they were being eavesdropped and that he had let his anger take away his commonsense from him…..



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