A day in the life of a biotechnologist…

Well yes life is complicated…But what is life without few bumps and bruises. This week was an exceptionally hectic one. I have a conference to present next week and yes I still have loads to do. But I am helping out for my department workshop too. I have to fill out applications for my higher studies too and I have to complete a project proposal. What would be a normal human being’s reaction?? Profound madness. Yes, that’s how I felt in the morning. Being a biotechnologist it’s a big deal if your work goes along with the plan. It’s as they say…”God had other ideas”. I am actually kinda spending  quite an amount of money from my pocket for my project. No regrets about that . But the best happened this week. We were refunded some of the money which we spent earlier to buy an equipment. My bestie and my project mate were debating what to do with the money. Normally, the refunds take a lot of time. It was really shocking that we got it soon.

So today what happened was…I had to spend another 1000 bucks on a chemical for my project. I was on the verge of going mad. But then later, it struck me that I could use the refund money. Well this is the best part… I could have got the money next week too. It was a coincidence that I needed 1000 bucks to buy the chemical today and I got the refund money yesterday. I don’t believe in coincidences. But yes I believe that things don’t happen without a reason. So, I decided to share it on my blog. I get it, it might sound extremely dumb to share a stupid incident. But then as I am writing this, I realise that I am gaining double knowledge by helping out for the workshop and doing my project simultaneously. It’s kinda easy when you have everything. But when you have to buy each and everything for your project yourself, you understand better…your comprehending ability increases. Climbing a steep hill without a rope is torture…But then when you climb it yourself, you survive in a situation where no rope is available. Surviving the ordeal is the essence of life. I was actually grumbling that I had to do most of the things by myself for my project and that nothing was being made easy for me and that the road I was treading was extremely tough. But then I realised that God only pushes the toughest of us to mould us to achieve great endeavours.

So as I am writing this blog post in the bus on my way home I realise that facing the obstacle with a positive and a strong heart helps you to  cut across the waves of difficulty just as a surf board cuts across the high tides in the roaring sea.  And this is the best of being a biotechnologist… You learn every minute and grow more every day.



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