Roses do kill… P4

It was evening. The sun was about to set, the sky was painted with vibrant hues of orange and yellow. Diljit and Drishya walked home together. They hadn’t spoken all day. Diljit couldn’t wait to go home and speak some sense to her. Their parents were away that evening and the moment Drishya entered the [...]


Aura of Art

A lot of people, including me believe that memories should be sometimes just crystallized in our minds rather than attempting to storing it in an external device. Despite this, I would love to recreate a memory, a feeling, an experience which a couple of my friends (The Artists) gave me. After performing micro-propagation experiments at [...]

Through the abyss

Driving through the mist Plunging through the eternally dark white fog My sweatshirt shimmering with hints of moisture With my visibility limited to just a metre The unknown slowly coming into focus As I dive through The profoundly deep whiteness spread around me Adding sprinkles of mystery to the already mysterious abyss Never knew that [...]

Fear of the unknown

Fear against something known is understandable...but what about the gnawing feeling at the bottom of your heart when you are alone...what about the pain you undergo when you have no one around you...No one for you...Fear of the's scary...I go through it at times...small panic attacks... but then I guess I am not alone.. [...]

Her blood…

Born in a pool of blood Draped in a blood stained cloth Left in the blood stained lavatory Unwanted by her mother of sixteen Transferred from one foster home to another Left bloody and battered by her adopted brother She left her home With blood on her lips and fire in her heart Left orphaned [...]