Roses do kill… P4

It was evening. The sun was about to set, the sky was painted with vibrant hues of orange and yellow. Diljit and Drishya walked home together. They hadn’t spoken all day. Diljit couldn’t wait to go home and speak some sense to her. Their parents were away that evening and the moment Drishya entered the [...]


Her blood…

Born in a pool of blood Draped in a blood stained cloth Left in the blood stained lavatory Unwanted by her mother of sixteen Transferred from one foster home to another Left bloody and battered by her adopted brother She left her home With blood on her lips and fire in her heart Left orphaned [...]

The helping hand

Darkness hounding her Invisible hands dragging her Deep down to unfathomable depths Chains of agony Weakening her frail arms Scars of abuse Lining her skin Slipping into the abyss Now and then Rising up and down the tempstous sea Some hands came to her rescue Ignoring them she cut through the waves Those hands could [...]